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As a child growing up in Trento, a small town nestled in the Italian Alps, I always had a passion for art and design.

I was drawn to geometry and would spend hours creating compositions with rulers, fascinated by the way the lines and shapes worked together to create a cohesive whole. Through studying in my spare time, I discovered that these styles had names, and immersed myself in the cubist and futurist movements.

As I grew up, this passion materialised through photography, which I used to capture the architectural lines and haunting atmospheres of abandoned factories and buildings. Completely self-taught, I continued to hone my skills and artistic eye along with my enthusiasm for the medium.

Following a degree in Communication Science at the University of Siena, I expanded my design knowledge with 2 years of study in Brand Identity and Typography at the Graphic Design CFP Bauer School in Milan. All the while, I pursued my interest in photography and was eventually offered a prestigious assignment at the internationally-known Milan fashion week. From then on, I knew that photography was my true calling.

In search of a new challenge, I moved to Stockholm where I have lived and worked for the past 10 years. Since then, I have combined my passion for photography, architecture and geometric design to become a specialist in interior photography.

I have photographed nearly 2000 homes, ranging from tiny 10sqm apartments to sprawling 400 sqm houses. With each project, I seek to showcase the beauty and individuality in every space, elevating the visions of architects and designers through high-quality, artfully composed images.


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