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illegal snakes

It is a project relating to my solo trip around Vietnam seeking the illegal market of snakes. In pursuit of the markets, which in the end, eluded me, I took a series of landscape and street photography shots which portray the diverse colors and culture of Vietnam.

I traveled from the surreal mountains in the northern area to the floating market on the Mekong Delta, passing through the communist flags waving for the celebration day in Hanoi and the smell of incenses in Ho Chi Minh City's temples.

Hanoi's walk - This railway line runs daily through streets of Hanoi

Cao Bang, 6am. Children on their way to the school.

On the way from Ha Giang to Meo Vac

Ha Giang - lunch with a local family

Meo Vac, school - children training for the national day

Sapa - cigarette break

a store in Hanoi

Hanoi, national day

A view of Can Tho, where the snakes black market was supposed to be

the floating market near Can Tho

Ho Chi Minh City - some of the many temple

a vietnamese war’s veteran at the photo exhibition about the Agent Orange’s effects

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